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Goat's Revolt

Dippin' and Dressin' Vegan Ranch Mix

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NEW!  From Goat's Revolt

Plant Based Ranch Dip or Dressing Mix.  All you need are a few of your own plant based additions for a delicious dip or dressing.  This shelf stable mix is the perfect item to keep stocked for meal idea inspiration!

For Dip:   Mix 3 tbsp of Goat's Revolt Vegan Ranch with your favorite plant based sour cream.

For Dressing: Mix 3 tbsp of Goat's Revolt Vegan Ranch with equal parts plant based milk and mayo.

Dress up your favorite casseroles, mix into your favorite sauces, soups, or homemade cheeses.  Ranch mix can be sprinkled onto homemade veggie or potato chips and even sprinkled on popcorn!  Get creative with this plant based pantry staple.

Nutritional Information coming soon.

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