Join us for the Virtual Food as Medicine Summit & Expo!

Food as Medicine Summit & Expo!

 We are excited to announce the FOOD AS MEDICINE SUMMIT & EXPO has gone VIRTUAL!

This incredible opportunity to hear from over 40 experts in plant based nutrition and health is now more accessible to ALL.  We are thrilled to be able to share with you this wealth of resources and education on all things plant based.

The Food as Medicine Summit & Expo was originally planned as in person event over three days.  In efforts to keep you safe & healthy, the summit has been converted to a total virtual event over a total of 8 days.  Each day will be filled with expert speakers on plant based nutrition, fitness, mental health, wellness & more.  Cooking demos, fitness classes, wellness resources, meal planning workshops, Q&As will be available on demand and live throughout the week. Discounts and surprise goodies also will be included!

When is the Food as Medicine Summit & Expo?
The summit is being held on August 22nd - August 29th.  Every registrant will have access to materials during that time.  VIP passes can be purchased for lifetime access!

How do I sign up?
Click here to visit the Food as Medicine website, scroll down see the available ticket options and to register.  Bonus material is also available when you pre-register!