Plant Based Lifestyle Guidance

New to plant based living? Been vegan for a while, but looking for a support network? Wondering how to learn more? I've got you. Below are some of my favorite resources.

North Texas Vegans Facebook Group
Over 9,000 members strong, this is one of my favorite resources. Lots of great discussion amongst the members, which includes newbies to lifelong vegans. Be sure to use the search feature, as there are some great discussion and posts that can easily be missed or can still be referenced months (and sometimes years) later.

Vegan Families of North Texas Meetup

Potlucks, parties, playdates, date nights, and more -- this is a great group for families with kiddos. There are a variety of events that are organized for the whole family, and many just for the parents, too. Every member can create and host any. event or gathering! Events and discussion can be found in the Facebook group.

Check your local library!

Your library can hold a wealth of free information.  Just search key words like "vegan", "plant based", and "vegan cooking".  The Frisco Library has several pre-built suggestion lists to get you started.  Check them out here!


Happy Cow
A great restaurant resource when traveling, the website is free, but there is also an app available that includes all of the listings and reviews. 

A bi-monthly magazine highlighting so many great vegan products, companies, and destinations. Worth subscribing, and signing up for their email list and/or following them on Facebook for ongoing news.  

Earth Day Resources

Find resources and Earth Day fun here.  Learn more about how you can protect the planet everyday and download a fun bingo game!


Have another resource that was helpful to you and want to share?  Or can't find what you are looking for? Let me know!