Shipping FAQ


What methods of shipping do you offer?

Shipping is available via USPS or UPS.  Each available option will be offered at checkout.  You get to choose your desired shipping method.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Shipping costs are based on the weight of your order and the zip code of the delivery address as calculated by USPS or UPS.  The heavier your package and the farther it has to travel, the more costly it will be.  (PBG is based in the Dallas area).

Why is shipping so expensive?

I know everyone hates to pay for shipping!  But I promise that PBG charges what USPS and UPS charges PBG.  Please understand as a small business, that I cannot compete with the arrangements Amazon and the like have.  If you ever see an offer for free shipping - take it!  When I gift that to you, I am still paying to have your order shipped to you!


I am based in North Texas, and it gets hot. If you are ordering anything that melts, I will do my absolute best to keep it cool, but I cannot guarantee its safety from hot temps! Please do not order chocolate or other melty items from May-September without understanding the risk. Heat sensitive items will always be shipped in good condition, but I cannot be responsible for what happens once it is shipped.


Unless items are broken upon arrival, any returns or refunds will not be accepted. Please take pictures of any issues and email me asap.


More Questions?  Feedback? I'd love to help!
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