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Lisa's Favorites

Don't you love finding amazing, new, and incredible plant based goodies?  Me too!  The amount of vegan food, clothing, health/wellness goods, and resources are really exploding these days!  Discovering the next new thing has always been super fun and part of the passion behind Plant Based Grocery.

I have developed Plant Based Grocery over the years because it has allowed me to have fun discovering more items and sharing them with you.  At the same time, the market for vegan items has grown exponentially.  This is both amazing to me and overwhelming.  My heart has a special place for this website, but it is clear that there is so much more out there than the retail space of my website can offer.  

In an effort to keep that fun of finding exciting things going on in the vegan world, I am expanding the website to include even more resources for you!  I will continue to have fun exploring and while I won't be selling all my discoveries here, I will be doing my best to share my experiences and help you find exciting items that will help you on your vegan journey.

Please reach out and let me know what you want to see here, how I can help you, and any new things you find as well! You can submit via the contact us page, or email me directly at info@plantbasedgrocery.com.

I am looking forward to growing my knowledge and spreading more awareness of the benefits of being vegan!



This page will be filled with favorites soon! ❤️


The world of vegan jerky has grown over the years and the options are incredible!  I have found a favorite and at the rate Plant Based Grocery sold one particular jerky, it's clear that it's your favorite too!

It's Jerky Y'all is my favorite not only because of the flavor and texture, but it's made right here in Texas!  I want you to be able to get some, so click here to grab your bag and try all the flavors!  Even though it's not jerky, you won't want to miss the Bacony Bits too!