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Hello!  Welcome to Plant Based Grocery!

My name is Lisa and I am the owner of PBG.  I've been plant based and living a vegan lifestyle since 2012.  I have always enjoyed finding new amazing plant based snacks, trying out the newest vegan menus, and discovering other vegan friendly businesses.  I was offered the opportunity to acquire Plant Based Grocery in 2018, and naturally,  I couldn't say no!

This space has been created to provide specially curated plant based grocery items to our local community here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and also grow into an expanding resource for anyone looking to incorporate more plants into their lifestyle.  What started out with popup markets around Dallas, has evolved to this e-commerce & resource website you are on now full of resources, recommendations, and items that can be shipped directly to you.

Whether you're looking to make better choices with what you eat because you want to be healthier, want to minimize your environmental impact, or are looking to show some compassion for the animals -- Plant Based Grocery is here for you! Plant based living has been my way of life for years.  There are so many reasons to put more plants on your plate and I hope you will discover helpful information here to make it easy and fun!

I do continue to seek out small companies who want shoppers like you to try their goodies that are 100% Vegan and 100% Awesome. Do you have a product you would like to recommend?  Reach out!

You may find me in person at the occasional pop around the Dallas area.  To find out about upcoming events, check out the events page, follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and sign up for the email list to stay in the know. I love to meet you all, talk about our favorite new items, the newest vegan restaurants in town, share puppy pictures, and just get to know each other.  Plan to come see me at the next event!

Check out this article that CultureMap wrote about when I initially took over Plant Based Grocery:
Dallas sprouts a vegan online grocery with spring pop-up on deck


Watch the segment NBC DFW ran in August 2018 about vegan options and featured Plant Based Grocery (between 1:03 and 2:35):
I live in the North Texas area with my family.  As a family, we made the transition from not really caring about what we put in our bodies and knowing where that food came from, to being more mindful about ourselves, the planet, and all living things. My vegan family includes two semi-active kiddos, my incredibly smart & witty husband, two over-sized rescue dogs that like to cuddle, and a passion for discovering new plant based foods. 
I LOVE fitness (and am currently studying to be a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM!), reading, painting, forcing my kids to go on hikes with me, traveling, and cooking.  I am fully in support of science, love for all, and believe that kindness truly matters.


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