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Delicious snacking with whole grains!  Granarly is full of good ingredients that will leave you completely satisfied.  It's made right here in Texas and will soon be your go-to snack!

Choose from two flavors: Groovy Green or Skinny Jean - try them both in our combo pack.

Groovy Green: Avocados, Amaranth, & Apples

Skinny Jean: Oats & Chia Seeds


2 oz Net Wt

GG Ingredients:  gluten free old fashioned oats, amaranth, olive oil, organic maple syrup, avocado, dried apples, dates, vanilla extract, salt, cinnamon

SJ Ingredients:  gluten free rolled oats, agave, water, coconut oil, sugar, brown sugar (granulated sugar and molasses), chia seeds, vanilla extract, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg

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