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Sprouted Almonds
Sprouted Almonds
Sprouted Almonds

Sprouted Almonds

Daily Crunch

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These uniquely crunch almonds are like no other!  Perfectly sprouted and dehydrated to give you a wonderfully flavorful crunch with no extra filler ingredients. 

Daily Crunch soaks the almonds in a purified water, which removes phytic acid and protective enzymes to provide better digestion for you!  Roasting can take away some of the good-for-you nutrients from almonds; Daily Crunch carefully and slowly dries and dehydrates the almonds.  This process preserves the nutrients, aids in good digestion, and gives that delicious crunch!

Daily Crunch comes in two flavors:

Berry Happy Together This medley contains dried blueberries, cherries, cashews, walnuts, and of course, almonds. United they form a superfood family and this crunchy bunch is Berry Happy Together.

Almighty Almonds The original sprouted almonds: soaked, sprouted, and gently dehydrated for a uniquely crunchy snack.




Berry Happy Together Ingredients:  almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried blueberries, dried cherries, cane sugar, sunflower oil

Almighty Almonds Ingredients: almonds