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Let Thy Food

Boulder Superfood Ranch Dressing

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This plant based ranch is creamy, light, and refreshingly delicious!  Created with simple, healthy ingredients it will be your go-to dressing, dip, and sauce.  Each bite is filled with the taste of fresh herbs and a touch of lemon.

Don't wait to try this incredible dressing!

100% Plant-Based • Non-GMO • Whole Ingredients • Nutrient-Dense • Vegan • Paleo Friendly • Whole 30 Compliant • Keto Friendly • Dairy Free • All Natural

Contains no added: oils, starches, sugars, gums, fillers, binders, chemicals, flavor additives, MSG, protein extracts, or flours.

10 oz


Ingredients: water, cashews, sea salt, lemon juice, garlic, onion, lactic acid (vegan), spices

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