Specialty Grocers 🌱

Specialty Grocers 🌱

How many grocery stores do you typically visit?  I am embarrassed to tell you my number!  I loooovee to grocery shop.  I am weird.  I know.

The thrill of grocery shopping for me comes from the discovery of new, fun finds!  You never know what kinds of cool products are hitting the shelves and these days, they're popping up constantly!

Specialty grocers can be found across the country (with a few right here in Dallas).   These unique stores are usually small businesses and also support other small businesses by carrying their unique items.  And if you haven't experienced shopping at a totally vegan store - I highly recommend it!  What a feeling!  

Want to get your all-vegan shopping experience started?  Begin at Plant Based Grocery!  You'll find a variety of 100% vegan shelf stable foods, clothing, stickers, sweets, and more.   And you'll be supporting a small business too!

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