Zolt: Plant Powered Super Drinks

Zolt: Plant Powered Super Drinks

We're always looking for the next health "hack".  How can I get the most health benefits with the least amount of work?

Maybe such hacks are just a myth, but what if there were actually something that  came close...  Wouldn't that be awesome?  I've got something that is definitely worth your experimentation.  Meet Zolt!  An easy to use drink mix with a variety of benefits with minimal effort.

I am still working my way through all the varieties - I've counted a few times and can't seem to keep track!  I like this problem.  There are formulations for your mood, energy, immunity, and sleep.  And all of them are available in a few flavors.

Zolt's website is also actually pretty amazing.  I very much appreciate the amount of information and education around the ingredients they use and why.  Check out some of those details on their journal page.  You can also find specific ingredient info and FAQs as well.

The flavor is pretty good and especially for a blend with adaptogens (ie. some mushroom!).  I've had some other adaptogen blends before and they've borderline could've been considered mushroom soup...I won't name names.

My son, Grayson, and I decided to sample the Peak before a little action on the pickle ball court.  We tried out the Peak in the clementine flavor. It did have a slightly bitter aftertaste, but overall I was pleased with the balance of flavor and ingredients.  There were no jitters or tingles and while I can't say for sure if it got me super jazzed, I will say that we showed up for our game and played hard!  That's a win for me at 6pm in the evening!!!

I also really dig on the individual pouches.  I can throw a few of these in my bag and add them to my water bottle anytime.  They're also low calorie, have caffeine & caffeine free versions as well as CBD & hemp varieties. The Dreamy is next on my list to try out.  My brain just does not want to turn off sometimes and I love sleep.  I'm sure you can relate. 

I spoke to the Co-Founder, Doug, and I feel even more confident about the intentions and motivations for Zolt.  Our health and wellness is so crucial.  Anything we can do to support our bodies and minds - especially when it's as easy as this - is a path to longevity, but also to living our lives well.

Ready to try some of these yourself?  You can WIN some of your own Zolt right now on Instagram!  Hurry and enter here before April 17th.  Don't want to wait?   I can totally understand - get 15% right now at heyzolt.com by entering code PLANTS15 at checkout.

Take care of yourself!

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