Veganize It!

Veganize It!

Have familiar favorites?  Afraid that the vegan version won't be good enough?  Worry no more.  These pantry staples are for you!

The creator of these pantry staples has been a staple himself in the Dallas vegan restaurant scene.   You may know Chef Troy Gardner from TLC Kitchen, V Eats, and Samson's Gourmet Hot Dogs.  I've been enjoying his food for years and it's not very often chefs let you in on their kitchen secrets!

I was delighted to get a generous sampling of the newest from Chef Troy.  The Veganize It! line has everything you need to re-create the best meals in your own home.  He is pretty well know for his vegan fried chicken (of which my children have both eaten unbeknownst to them it was actually mushrooms!).  Now, I can attempt to have my own version at home with Magic Chick.   Let the secret healthy eating begin!

Speaking of healthy eating, the first thing I HAD to try was the Buttercream Cake Mix!  Listen, cake is healthy for my sanity.

The mix was very easy to make and even though I made one small substitution, it came out absolutely delicious.  I also am not a master baker and was really impatient (did I mention I love cake?)...I did not let it cool so it fell apart on me.  Let me reiterate though, it was awesome.   All you need is a fork. 

In addition to the cake, I took a turn to the savory side with the Spaghetti Western Seasoning and Taco Topia Seasoning.  Let's take a minute to appreciate the fun names!  Both had a genuine distinct and full aroma.  I wasn't sure how powerful the herbs would be so I did just eyeball it until it smelled good and they didn't disappoint!

I created an Italian lentil sauce for my pasta with the Spaghetti Western and incredible enchiladas with the Taco Topia.  I am so anxious to start digging into the other mixes and seasonings after the success I had in the kitchen so far.

We're all looking for ways to make cooking easier and tastier.  Veganize It! should be on your list!  Stay tuned for details on more products like Biscuit & Scone Mix, Chocolate Dream Cake, and see if I can hide some vegetables with the Magic Chick Mix!

Get your hands on the mixes best for your kitchen at Veganize It!  Order today and you can get 20% off your total using code PlantPower20.  Let's see your creations!

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