Upright Oats!

Upright Oats!

Oat milk is so hot right now.

And I bet you've pretty much tried them all, right?  But how many of those can fit in your pocket and won't spoil or spill when traveling?  I'm guessing none.  Say hello to Upright Instant Oatmilk!  The only oat milk I've seen that can be taken anywhere.

These beautiful, powdered oat milk packets are vegan, gluten free, and only require 8 oz of water.  Upright Oats come in original (plain), vanilla, and chocolate.  There are no gums, emulsifiers, additives, or oils.  The vanilla is lightly sweetened with stevia and the chocolate includes a mix of stevia and monkfruit.  Upright also includes additional vitamins and minerals to get in some extra nutritional benefits.

One serving has 8g of protein and 25% of the recommended intake of calcium.  That's impressive for a plant based milk!

It's always nice and easy to have a container of cold oat milk at home in the fridge.   And there plenty of brands out there to meet those needs, but what about the times you travel to a new place?  Or to your Aunt Susan's house where the only vegan food you'll find might be the packages of Oreos?   ...oat milk does pair nicely with Oreos.

The accessibility of plant based food is becoming increasingly vast.  However,  there are times when being prepared is always a good idea.  If you spend time camping, lots of time in the car, you're always on the go, want a flavorful, creamy boost in your smoothie, or just curious - shelf stable milk could be just what you need!

Here are some tips for trying Upright Instant Oatmilk:

  • I found it best when blended with water
  • If you shake, use a shaker cup and mix vigorously
  • add to your smoothie or smoothie bowl
  • ask your barista to blend it with your frap instead of milk
  • blend with silken tofu for a nutritious pudding
  • cereal any time any where
  • blend plain with soups, gravies, or sauces for an extra creamy base
  • baking - no more worries about getting refrigerated milk
  • create chai tea mixes
  • prepare dry baked good mixes in jars for gifts
  • hot chocolate mixes all year round
  • overnight oats or dry oatmeal packets for busy mornings

Really, there are so many options!  It's a relief to have staples like these in your pantry when you just can't muster the strength to get to the store, want to save time, or mix up your routine.

If you still aren't sure about giving this a try, let's all just appreciate the super fun packaging that is also biodegradable and/or recyclable.   I just love it when brands can have such wonderful creativity while also giving such attention to details on the whole aspect of their products.   And I love giraffes. 


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