Trupo Treats

Trupo Treats

Classic or Crunchy Milk Chocolate?  Both bring a wave of nostalgia for me.  Especially with the holidays.  I'm pretty sure I was gifted a bar of chocolate in some (or many varieties) as a kid and well before my years vegan.

As a life long "chocoholic" and a 9 year vegan, I've tried many of the plant based chocolate bars available.  So I was more than happy to have a little sampling of Trupo Treats!  They've been on the market since 2020, but I have only recently discovered them.  Honestly, I've got my favorites when it comes to chocolate and I was a little skeptical I get the true classic flavors Trupo touts....

As you can see, I'm sold.  The classic creamy flavor really came through and although I would have liked to have seen more crispy bits in the crunch bar, it was still so delicious and very reminiscent of those classic crispy bars of my youth!


I absolutely enjoyed the classic flavors of both chocolate bars, but there are several other details about Trupo that make this chocolate even sweeter for me: 

・They make the Food Empowerment Project List.  That means their chocolate is fair trade and ethically sourced.  No child/slave labor.  This is huge.  Many of the large and more popular brands are known to source their chocolate from child and/or slave labor (and make no initiative to change that).

Both the Classic and Rice Crunch bar are free of the top allergens.  No dairy, eggs, fish, tree nuts (there are coconuts! Is that a tree nut?), peanuts, wheat, soy, or sesame.  I've also been hearing a lot about banana and pea allergies lately - none of that here either!

Mylk Chocolate Ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, cacao liquor, coconut milk powder, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, salt

Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch Bar Ingredients: cane sugar, cocoa butter, cacao liquor, coconut milk powder, organic brown rice crisp (organic whole grain brown rice, organic cane sugar, sea salt), sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, salt 

Trupo donates a portion of their proceeds to animal sanctuaries.  I also love that they've provided a full list of their previous partnerships.  Might I suggest Black Beauty Ranch, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, and Arizpe Rescue right here in Texas,  Trupo?!  They also regularly contribute to community fridges!

Ok, this one gets me - their packaging is completely compostable!  That's amazing.  I can't think of many other companies that do this and I give them major props for it.  Plastics are quickly killing our planet.  According to National Geographic, "Half of all plastics ever manufactured have been made in the last 15 years" and "Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations. That’s the equivalent of setting five garbage bags full of trash on every foot of coastline around the world."

Right now they're offering a bundle of treats for Easter! It looks like they only have a limited amount, so if you're looking for a good quick & easy gift, I'd get one before they're gone!

Last, but not least, you can try Trupo Treats for yourself and get 15% off your order!  Just visit and enter code VEGAN15 at checkout!

Trupo's motto is "be kind to the people, planet, and animals".  I think they're hitting the mark and definitely so kind to treat us to deliciously classic chocolate flavors!


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