Creamy Dreamy Tahini

Creamy Dreamy Tahini

 First things first.  I have to share this cookie dough recipe with you!


Are you drooling yet?!

I'm telling you - SoCo Tahini is the secret ingredient!!!  More specifically, the SoCo Tahini & Date variety.  Cookie dough should taste like cookie dough, not nut butter!  I was so surprised by how well this worked for a creamy and indulgent taste.  The dates gave it a perfect sweetness and next time, I may even reduce the amount of additional sweetener.  And how incredible is it to have healthy cookie dough?!  You can't get much cleaner than sesame & dates (yep. only two ingredients!).

I'm anxious to try out this sweet twist on tahini in PBJs, on toast, fruit, ice cream, cookies, and more!

Alright, so let's back up and talk about SoCo.  They kindly sent me their three varieties of tahini so I am able to give you all the details on why tahini needs to be a staple in your pantry!

If you're unfamiliar with tahini - it's simply a pureed form of sesame seed.  Just like peanut, almond, or coconut butter!  SoCo slow roasts their sesame seeds and by stone grinding (with no preservatives or added sugar) creates the most delicious and creamy tahini.  It's amazing right out of the jar or it can take your dish to the next level with taste and nutrition!   Not only is it dairy free, it's completely gluten free and nut free (sesames are a seed!).

Their website is also beautiful and offers so much good info on the company, who the founders are, their efforts to give back, and the products they offer. 

When I think of tahini, I automatically think of hummus!  Not all hummus (hummuses?) is (are?) made with tahini, but let me tell you - it's a game changer.   No oil is needed to make incredibly smooth, creamy, and delicious hummus.  If you have ever had a bite of hummus (store bought or home made) and think "it's just missing something"'s the tahini.  My daughter told me that this was the best hummus I've ever made.  I will totally take the credit, but I am 99% certain it was the tahini! 
Straight out of the jar drizzle.  My homemade vegan shawarma with caramelized onions was the perfect vehicle. *chef's kiss

Pesto.  This was something I would have never considered with tahini.  Props to SoCo Tahini's versatility!

My celiac husband was out of town for a few days, so my kids and I indulged in a bruschetta baguette feast (sorry babe).  I added fresh tomatoes, basil, and a heap of flaky salt.  Again, *chef's kiss 

I only used a little bit, so next it will be summer pasta salad dressing, lasagna sauce, stuffed mushroom drizzle, and the best addition to my birthday charcuterie board!

Have you cleared off space in your pantry yet?  Get to it and visit their website to order The Sampler.  It includes all three varieties and you can snag free shipping on all orders too! Use code SHIPSOCO at checkout.

Get 20% off by clicking here (not certain this will work with the free shipping code, but give it a whirl).

I do have a few samples left to give away, so place an order with Plant Based Grocery and tell me you want one in the order notes!  I only have a few, so order quick!



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