SriMu: Do Life. Not Cheese.

SriMu: Do Life. Not Cheese.

As a long time listener of the Rich Roll Podcast, I came to learn about his wife, Julie Piatt (also known as SriMati).  In 2015, together, they released their first cookbook together, The Plantpower Way.  It's a beautiful collection of recipes and a glimpse into their own vegan lives.  Julie has since created her own cookbook, This Cheese is Nuts! (best title ever by the way) and also crafted one of the most incredible line of cheeses available today, SriMu.  

“But I can’t give up cheese!” is the phrase I hear most when I’m discussing plant based food with people. I get it. It’s totally delicious. What’s crazy though, is there are an enormous amount of non-dairy cheese brands and varieties on the market today. Which can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what you’ll actually like or how it meets your cooking expectations. Even just the thought of trying to wade through the choices (especially when animal based cheese is so cheap) can be exhausting.

I can, with 100% confidence, recommend SriMu. 

This is not your ordinary vegan cheese from the local big box store. SriMu is hand crafted, aged and cured just like traditional cheese. And it’s one of the most luxurious, creamy, and delicious cheese I’ve tried.

I meant it - This cheese is absolutely incredible.

SriMu generously allowed me to try all of their incredible creations including two of their monthly special flavors (the Bonfire pictured above is made with Almonds & Roasted Red Peppers, and the Cloud 9 pictured below are a delicately creamy cashew cheese reminiscent of Italian mozzarella).

Each creamy bite had it's own delicious taste.  After each bite, I loved reading the label again and again to identify all the flavors.

My favorite has to be the Spire.  You can see the beautiful swirl of blue-green color pictured above and it has a flavor that I cannot even fully describe. It’s perfect. 

The flavors also each have their own unique names, but include the traditional cheese attributes you're used to.

The selection at SriMu includes

  • mild brie
  • smoked gouda (with turmeric and black pepper infusion!)
  • truffle camembert
  • classic blue cheese
  • gorgonzola
  • everything cream cheese
  • pepperjack

I thoroughly enjoyed tasting them all on their own, but also loved incorporating them into my own recipes. 

The Cloud 9 made perfect toasties with soup on a chilly day. 

Pasta night went from the usual to indulgent using Bertie - the truffle was incredible!  The wheel melted beautifully with a few splashes of pasta water and mixed together with pasta.

The cheese was so good that I ran out before getting to try more recipes!  Spire was my favorite and I would have loved to try their recipe for Blue Cheese Dip.

In addition to incredibly tasty cheese, SriMu has a dedication to the planet.  Each package is FSC Certified and shipped with a carbon neutral initiative.  All of the packaging and insulation is also fully recyclable.

I really am so impressed by this line of cheese!  You can get SriMu directly here and receive 10% off using code PBG10 at checkout!  You can also find it locally at Mashup Market in Denton, Texas.

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