SQZ Lemon Wine

SQZ Lemon Wine

Lemon what?  Lemon Wine.

Trust me.  Bright, sweet, flavorful, wine.  If you are a fan of summer cocktails and delightful surprises, you will definitely be a fan of SQZ Lemon Wine!

I am a champagne girl through and through over here, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something so unique.  Luckily for me, I had some company in town that was more than happy to help me do a little sampling!  

My first question of "HOW?!" is answered simply.  Think of the same fermentation process used with with grapes for wine and instead swap them with lemons.  They use only a few simple ingredients with a perfect ratio of natural lemon juice, filtered water, yeast, and pure cane sugar.  They also keep the lemon juice frozen right up until the fermentation process, and the acidity of the juice and the sugar act as a natural preservative once the wine is finished, so no added preservatives are used.  Neat.  Just two hours outside of Chicago, this small business has taken a unique approach to vegan and gluten free wine.

I sampled all six flavors.

・Original ・Key Lime ・Peach ・Cranberry ・Lemongrass ・Jalapeño ・

Each one was unique, though I thought there were a few standouts.  Surprisingly, the Lemongrass was my favorite.  Light, and just crisp and refreshing.  Peach was a close second! Both of these flavors are created with tea bags! Other favorites in the group were the Cranberry and Key Lime (made with fresh juices).  None of us tasters are true fans of spicy drinks, but I absolutely know if you like that sort of thing - the Key Lime Jalapeño would totally be your jam.  Those jalapeños are also freshly sliced by hand at SQZ!  

All of the wines were a touch sweet for me, but wow were they good.  They absolutely have that awesome summery cocktail, happy hour vibe.  I love it.

I love a fun glass to sip from, but the jars themselves are already cute enough!  Less things to pack for your picnic.  Perfect.  And six jars equals 3 bottles of wine!  This information could have been kept to themselves.  It goes fast. 🥂 You can also snag free shipping when you purchase 2 six packs! 

I really think they're on to something here.  The history behind SQZ makes it no surprise how much I enjoyed each flavor. Read more about the past and present team behind SQZ.  A long tradition of Italian fruit wine, now translated with lemons for delicious adult beverages today.

Taste aside, I always love to see when vegan companies go a little beyond their scope.  Personally, part of a vegan lifestyle includes an awareness of how our own choices impact more than just the animals.  I was happy to learn SQZ has a dedication to reducing waste and actively participating in recycling all products involved in package, producing, and shipping.  Their efforts include using up-cycled fermentation tanks, donating their sugar and juice containers to local farms, and providing the final product in fun, glass mason jars for customers to reuse or recycle. 

Additionally, SQZ currently partners with Know Your Lemons Foundation and Alex's Lemonade Stand to give a portion of each sale from their designated packs and gift sets go to these foundations to fight cancer.  Amazing.

Get 10% off to create your perfect summer wine tasting party or picnic and support this amazing small vegan business.  Visit SQZ Lemon Wine and enter code PLANTBASED at checkout. Cheers to a bright and delicious summer!


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