PastryBase Baking Mixes + Kits

PastryBase Baking Mixes + Kits

I live with a celiac.  Bless my heart, right?! Gluten is awesome it absolutely breaks my heart that some people just can't tolerate this magical ingredient.  However, I've found something that will fill your baked good loving soul (and tummy) whether you're allergic to everything or nothing!

Pastrybase is a company I thankfully discovered a few years ago when looking for vegan holiday treats.  I see those fun boxed kits every year with all the goodies you need to decorate gingerbread houses, shaped cookies, and themed cakes...and of course none of them are vegan (much less gluten free!).  Well, it's super frustrating when you get that tiny spark to be the "fun mom" and willingly want to encourage the kids to spend an afternoon up to their elbows in sugar.  I digress.

Fun mom, here I come because let me tell you - Pastrybase has an incredible line up of a variety of baking mixes and kits that are top 8 allergen free, have no artificial coloring, are vegan, and gluten free!

You can expect to find: Cake & Frosting mixes (like vanilla, chocolate, red velvet(!), carrot cake, pumpkin spice, and more), Blondies, Pizza Dough, Gingerbread Kits, Cookie Kits, Pancakes, and Bundles of all the favorites.  

I've created delicious cupcakes, frostings, gingerbread houses, cookies, and most recently pizza crust!

My family has weekly pizza nights and as such, I've gone through a lot of gluten free recipes and products.  Pastrybase's dough first of all, smells amazing!  Just imagine all of those delicious herbs you smell walking into any Italian restaurant...

It took a few minutes longer to put together than my gluten-full recipe and it also stuck to the pan a little*, but the result was pretty damn delicious.  It was thin, super crispy, and held up in my hand!  *totally could have been user error - I don't cook with oil much!

I kept a portion of the dough free of toppings so I could really get a taste of the dough!   Worth it.

Learn more about PastryBase and founder Jill Donaldson here!  And, you can check out tutorial videos on preparing certain products on their website as well!  To be honest, I have not watched these, but I love the idea of offering this kind of support - baking can be intimidating even from a mix!

I definitely recommend getting your hands on a variety of options and getting in the kitchen.  You're gonna be hooked!

You can get 20% off your purchase directly PastryBase with code PBG20 and you can also find mixes locally in Denton, Texas at Mashup Market!

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