Natural & Organic Wine from Tinto

Natural & Organic Wine from Tinto

Glou Glou is French for "Glug Glug".  It's true.  And that's just what you'll want to do with Glou Glou Red Wine from Tinto Amorio!

This term is meant to convey that same sound; something you would imagine you'd hear while enjoying your favorite beverage.  Glou Glou wines are intended to be easy drinking, "chuggable", and light.  Serve this red wine chilled by the pool or on a mild evening and that glug, glug will come naturally.

Tinto Amorio, is an artisanal natural wine producer based in Los Angeles and producing in Healdsburg. Their mission is to "make serious natural wines with organic California grapes and to bring more transparency, sustainability and less pretentiousness to the wine industry".  I love knowing they are a small, family company that is minority owned and they also share proceeds to local food banks.

Tinto's Glou Glou wine is made with organic grapes from California, and with minimal intervention practices that refrain from using synthetic additives and any animal based agents in the wine cellar. 

In my experience, learning more about the production of wines available on the mass market has been a challenge.  Often times it's unclear how the wines are made.  I appreciate the transparency and education from Tinto which also allows me to fully enjoy the wine as intended.  I also love that these red wines are equally enjoyed when chilled, as our current Texas weather is creating excellent patio drinking vibes!  I invite those white wine drinkers to test out their palate on this crisp, fruity, and refreshing wine.

If you'd like to enjoy this incredibly chuggable wine at a discount, visit Tinto and enter the code PLANT10 at checkout for 10% off through.  Their wines are produced in limited batches, so stock up and watch for new releases!

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