GreenHouse Foods DONUTS!

GreenHouse Foods DONUTS!

I really don't even need to say anything.  Just go ahead and scroll to the bottom so you can order these.

Seriously.  Why are you still here?  The sooner you order, the sooner you get delicious donuts! 

Ok, ok.  If you're still reading you really want to know why I am pushing you to try these little chocolate delights.  Imma tell you.

These donuts are indeed a sweet little moist and delicious treat with a generous healthy kick!  Each pack boasts 10 grams of protein, are gluten free, have 4g of fiber, zero grams of added sugar, and I was surprised to see 15% of your DV for iron!  Of course they're vegan too.  I also love that they are lower carb with total of 27g which is substantially less than a serving of traditional rice or pasta.

Each donut was thick and wonderful.  I have to be honest - I wasn't expecting much flavor or satisfaction in three smaller donuts, but these really hit the right mark.  My belly (and sweet tooth) were in full-on delight mode after digging in!

I am total chocolate person.  My daughter is not.  She has eaten more than half of the samples GreenHouse graciously sent us!  That speaks volumes y'all.  I cannot wait for these little gems to hit more stores.  I will say the only downside is they need to be refrigerated.  However, that's really only a downside when you have to get them shipped in the Texas heat.  It is way easier to hide things for myself in the fridge! 🤫

Again.  I am genuinely impressed and know you will be too!  I am so anxious to see what else GreenHouse can add to their line up. *crosses fingers for a blueberry donut!*

And the aftermath.  Totally delicious.  No regrets.

You can get 25% off your first online order with code PBG25!  Visit GreenHouse Foods and let me know what you think!

You can also see if they are available in a store near you here. Hint: if you're in the Dallas area, you should be able to snag them at Market Street or Central Market!  No discount though. 😉

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