Jackfruit has become all the rage within the plant based community.  Kind of like when cauliflower exploded as the magic transformative food.  It's time to give ghost broccoli a break and let jackfruit take the lead.  Enter JACKED!

Jacked! Jackfruit jerky is a refreshing surprise.  I've tried several of the top selling vegan jerky brands and they each have their own unique flavors and textures.  Jacked! can easily be added to that go-to list.  The texture isn't so soft it turns to mush and also not so tough that your stomach starts to wonder if it's just being teased, plus you won't get lock jaw either. And they have some of the most unique flavors I've seen.

Sweet & Spicy Black Pepper


Malaysian Chili
Miso Ginger

I also love the additional informative details about Jackfruit on their website.  One of my biggest pet peeves is coming to a website with nothing to learn!  You can discover more about this magical fruit and the person behind it's transformation into JACKED!

Get 15% off your order with the code PlantBasedGrocery!  Visit and get the variety pack to try all three flavors.

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