At what point do I make apologies for posting about too much chocolate?

Spoiler: No apologies of any sort will be made here!  #chocolateforever

My latest find is from EarthChimp!  They've gifted me with a surprisingly delicious bag of vegan, non-gmo, and gluten free chocolate protein powder.  Before I dig in, I'm totally in love with their bright and fun packaging.  I'm already in a better mood before I even get it opened.

With summer on the way, my smoothie consumption is going to go way up (hello Texas heat!). I was pleased to enjoy the smooth, creamy, and deep chocolate flavor that EarthChimp delivered.  No bitter or weird aftertaste.  Just delicious!

There are a lot of vegan protein powders on the market right now.  Here are a few details that are worth noting from EarthChimp:

● First, I want to give major props to the packaging.  I know it sounds trivial, but - the closure y'all.  I can never get those "resealable" bags to close, but this one has a super unique velcro type closure!  Hallelujah it works like a charm.   Big bonus points for me.  Especially with a household that has 40 bags of opened stale chips and crackers.  I digress.

● They plant one tree for every bag purchased!

● Most vegan protein powders get complaints of grainy or gritty texture.  EarthChimp even makes a point to note that because they do not include added gums it has "texture" as they call it.   However, I actually found the smoothie to be quite smooth!

● Each serving contains 1 billion CFU (colony forming units that are live -  totally had to look that one up) probiotics.  Now, I can't test for this or anything, but even if there's a chance for some added probiotics, I'll take it.  Not many protein powders even attempt to include probiotics in my experience.

In addition to the expected smoothie, I had to try a "desserty" style recipe.  I'm all about the sweets.  I was pretty impressed with how this turned out!  


EarthChimp Protein Pudding Recipe

  • 1/2 block silken tofu
  • 4 scoops Earth Chimp Chocolate Protein
  • 1 package vegan pudding mix (I used Simply Delish)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/8 cup sweetener of choice (I used monkfruit)
  • 1 -2 cups water, added gradually to obtain desired consistency

Blend all ingredients in a food processor or blender as you gradually add water to reach the desired consistency.  Pause every 10-15 seconds to scrape the sides and get all the powder mixed together.  Once it's super thick, but well blended, place in the fridge to get it nice and puddin' cold.  I think this recipe would be super versatile, so play with it!  Honestly, I think it'd be pretty good with just EarthChimp & water.  *I caution you to add the water gradually or you will end up with chocolate soup.  Not that it would be a bad thing!

I would guess you could divide this into four servings and depending on your ingredients, each serving would be approximately 122 calories with 15g protein, 14g carbs, and 2g fat.

Try EarthChimp for yourself here and get 27% off with code 27PBGROCERY at checkout.  

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