Brazilian Cheesy Bread

Brazilian Cheesy Bread

Pão De Queijo, as it's know in Portuguese, is a traditional Brazilian snack that is lightly crispy on the outside with a soft, cheesy and chewy center.

My husband had the pleasure of visiting Brazil many years ago and I can still remember him describing this amazing food. After going vegan (and gluten free), we both soon forgot about the prospect of any such food in the future.  Flash forward to my discovery of RioGood!  This small business is founded with that same fond memory of that savory, comforting, and unique food.

Created by a native of Brazil, Claudia Newlands, her recipe is something you just won't believe.  Each bite is filled with soft, chewy, cheesy goodness!  

RioGood has made it too easy to have cheesy goodness anytime.  The mix only requires water and/or plant milk and a touch of oil.  Additional ingredients are up to you and your creativity!

RioGood has also done amazing job in the cheesy department.  In addition to the Brazilian Cheasy Bread, they've added in a Parmesano Vegano!  It's the perfect sprinkle to all your dishes.  Made from cashews, brazil nuts, and other seasonings, it's a fresh take on toppings.  

Don't skimp on sprinkling this parm all over your pasta, salads, potatoes, and other savory dishes.

Alright - would you like to win a pack of RioGood's amazing mixes?

You can!  All you have to do is visit Plant Based Grocery's Instagram and tag a friend.  You can win a 4 pack of Cheasy Bread and a packet of Parmesano Vegano!  All entries must be submitted by December 25th (Merry Christmas) and a winner will be chosen on Monday, December 26th!



Don't want to wait for the giveaway to try these delicious cheesy balls?  Visit RioGood and enter code CHEASY22 at checkout for 20% off!  Discount is valid until 12/31/22.

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