Ghost Kitchens & Pop Ups

Ghost Kitchens & Pop Ups

Not all restaurants worth a visit have a place for you to dine in.  But they shouldn't be overlooked.  Ghost Kitchens and Pop Up events around the DFW area are ways that businesses can bring you their delicious food without costly overhead.

What is a ghost kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is usually a shared commercial kitchen space where vegan chefs can cook food for take out/to-go.  There is no dining room or eat in space.  Ghost kitchens usually have set hours and menus.

What is a pop up?

Pop ups are usually out door events at farmer's markets or special one-time events in cooperation with another store front or market.  Vegan chefs will bring their set up and cook to order with rotating menus.

Keep in mind that pop up style offerings may have variable schedules and menus.  Always check directly with the establishment for hours and other information.

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